In addition to layouts and appliances, consider your counter tops and cabinets. What would you like them to be made of? Wood? Vinyl? Tile? Stone? Steel?

What kind of sink and faucet would you prefer? No longer are you constrained by the designs of your parents; modern faucets can be both functional and beautiful.

Make sure that you're comfortable in your kitchen. Even if your idea of cooking is TV dinners, you'll be spending a lot of time in there.

Unsure of what you would like? Let our Kitchen Specialists help you create your dream.

Living Rooms

The common areas of the house are where you'll entertain family and friends. So ensure that your dens and family rooms reflect the qualities that you find comfortable and satisfying from top to bottom: from chandeliers to mantelpieces to flooring.

Good use of space is always a premium, so keep track of where you plan to put lights and other fixtures, and design accordingly. Keep in mind how you intend to use any space so that you can be sure to implement ideal light fixtures and amenities.


Every aspect of your home is important to us. Do not forget the detail that can go into the bathrooms: lighting, size of shower, window placement, type of fixtures, cabinetry, ceramic tile, counter tops.

Dream about making every aspect of your home luxurious.

Outdoor Living

To make your home complete, in Georgia, one must think about good use of the outdoor space. With the weather being nice 10 months out of the year, a lot of enjoyment can be had outdoors.